Curricular internship

How to activate a curricular internship for foreign company/organization

All up-to-date information concerning thesis and internship opportunities during Covid-19 are on the University Portal:


If you want to activate a curricular internship, you should start the procedure on this page at least 20 days before the date you plan to start your internship.

N.B.: Computer Science curricular interns must follow their own degree course procedure in advance. See the Computer Science website.


1) HOST COMPANY/ORGANIZATION REGISTRATION (for the company/organization to complete)

The University requires all host companies/organizations to register on the Portal. This is how:

1) Go to REGISTRATION and select "prospect company". You must initially register as a physical person. You will then receive an e-mail asking you to confirm your personal registration and you will have one hour to complete this phase. Once you have confirmed, the system will send you a second e-mail with your username;

2) Login to your company/organization's MyUnito profile using your new credentials and register your company (Register Company link). NB: at this stage, you will have to indicate your Legal Representative's personal details and upload a copy of their identity document in pdf format.

The University will send you an email confirming your companies/organization registration on the portal two days after you have registered.


2) AGREEMENT (required by the company/organization)

If you need an agreement to start an internship, write to 

Once the Job Placement office has received your request, they will prepare the agreement and email it to the company, which in turn must:

The Rector's delegate will sign the agreement and email a copy to the host company/organization.

You will see University approved agreements in the section on the left together with some templates to guide you.



After signing the curricular internship agreement, the company must fill in and send the "form for drafting educational project" Word document to (You can download it from the Documents section).

Once the Job Placement office has received this document, they will prepare the training project and email it to the company, which in turn must:

  • Print a copy of the training project and sign it
  • Have the trainee sign it
  • Scan it and email it to (please keep the original as backup).

The Rector's delegate will sign the agreement and email a copy to the host company/organization.


N.B.: Students can only extend their internships if they have not yet reached the total number of required hours or decide to acquire additional internship credits in accordance with their career plan. They should download the "training variation request” form from the Documents section and request an extension by sending it to, before their internship period expires.



N.B.: See the Internships page for the SANUM degree course.


All internship (during and final) monitoring documents are in the section on the left and interns will have to fill in the attendance register during their internship.

Interns will also have to send the Job Placement Office their attendance register as well as company and academic tutor evaluation questionnaires at the end of their internships. They will also have to complete the online evaluation (link in the associated sites section).

N.B.: Students enrolled on the following degree courses must deliver their “registro presenze” and final evaluation forms ONLY to their Course Coordinators:

Physics (Bachelor and Master), Optics and Optometry: Monica Rinero

Biological Sciences (Bachelor and Master), Natural Sciences (Bachelor and Master): Edoardo Calabrò Industrial Biotechnology: Elena Mazzi

Materials Science and Technology (Bachelor degree): Elisabetta Buzzoni

Geological Sciences (Bachelor and Master), Geography and Territorial Sciences: Rossana Petean